My three eventful years in the dual study program at Dürr have given me a wealth of experience and shown me how dedication and commitment pay off in success. In addition to my specialist education in departments as diverse as Purchasing and Treasury Management, opportunities such as my semester abroad in Shanghai greatly benefited my personal development. The practical project work offered me the chance to participate in analyzing challenges to the overall company and in redesigning processes, allowing me to contribute to the Group's success while still a student. As a project controller, I now assist in managing international projects in close collaboration with project managers and the customer. Career at Dürr: 2013 - 2016 Dual study program in Business Administration - Management in Industry since 2016 Project controller in the Pant and Final Assembly Systems/Plant Services area
Just like any student from time to time, I was bored in class. I had no idea at the time how much of a blessing in disguise my professor’s dull lecture was. Flipping through a magazine, I stumbled across Dürr and the “Dürr Challenge” film competition. I applied and was accepted. Together with four other students, I was able to discover Sao Paulo during an unforgettable Challenge week while getting to know Dürr as an international medium-sized company. Inspired by the technical and cultural diversity within the company, I felt compelled to apply to Dürr for my master’s thesis. I was taken on without hesitation and received a warm welcome and great support from my colleagues. The company’s offer of a permanent position was just as uncomplicated – a chance I had to accept, just like the opportunities posed by the Challenge and the master’s thesis. Education:
Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering with field Process Engineering (Flensburg University of Applied Sciences), Master in Building and Energy Technology (Erfurt University of Applied Sciences) Career at Dürr:
2013 Participation in Dürr Challenge 2013, Team Sao Paulo
2014 Master thesis in the Division PFS/Engineering
since 2014 Design engineer for process optimisation in the Division PFS/Engineering Dürr Systems AG, Germany
I’ve decided to do an apprenticeship as a mechatronic technician because the job combines many of my interests and skills. Also the educational concept of Dürr has convinced me. Dürr has a good reputation as a training company. I feel satisfied and I am being challenged and supported.
I have been working at Durr for a few years now and had the chance to observe how the company is changing and developing. I really appreciate being part of this process. As a project controller you are dealing with challenges continuously and you have the opportunity to gather interesting experiences. One of these experiences was a one-month stay in Bietigheim-Bissingen. While working in an international environment, I had the chance to identify similarities and differences between the approaches and processes in Germany and Poland. I met different people from different backgrounds who I contact daily and was able to establish new friendships. All colleagues were very cooperative and offered me an insight of their way of working. They were very curious and open-minded to exchange their opinions about cultural differences. These experiences supported my personal development in a positive way. Education: Master's degree in Economics Specialization in Finance and Banking  (University of Economics in Poznań) Career at Dürr: 2003 – 2004 Assistant in Sales Department 2004 – 2013 Project Controller Since 2013 Senior Project Controller Dürr Poland Sp. z o.o.
When joining Schenck, I was a young lady aged 25, and up to now I have been staying with Schenck over 22 years. Sometimes I have questioned myself about this long company affiliation.  Mostly, the answer I gave to myself was, „you shouldn’t complain and regret for any decisions you made in relation to Schenck, since your loyalty and commitment have been highly valued and rewarded somehow.“ This is the truth and many evidences can be easily found throughout my career at Schenck. I started at Schenck as an interpreter and assistant, then I got involved as a founding member of the Schenck Shanghai Machinery which gave me the opportunity to change my career to the HR area. Whilst taking the role of HR manager, the company invested in further training regarding my person. This has significantly helped me to grow up. In 2013 when the company relocated to the new premises in Shanghai-Baoshan, I was appointed to be the head of Admin/HR taking care of the HR management and the centralized administration. In the same year, I got honored for being nominated as a member of senior management group of Durr. In recent years, I have broadened my horizon and enhanced my self-confidence and entrepreneurial thinking by participating in senior management meetings of Durr and various corporate HR meetings and activities like the Durr Challenge and the Rollout of People Development Management system etc. “You for Durr, Durr for you” This is the motto I have conveyed to the employees of Schenck Shanghai Machinery and it is also the source of my inspiration. Durr is where I have found my destiny and my career.     Education: Bachelor degree, majoring in the technological German Career at Durr: 1993 - 1998 German interpreter and assistant to General Manager at a Joint Venture of Carl Schenck in Shanghai 1998 - 1999 One of main founding members of Schenck Shanghai Machinery during its preparation and establishing process 1999 - 2013 HR-Manager at Schenck Shanghai Machinery Since 2013 Head of Admin/HR at Schenck Shanghai Machinery Since 2013 Member of Senior Management Group of Durr
A dual study at Dürr offers me an excellent start into professional life. I can immediately apply the knowledge of the university in different practical projects, such as the rebuilding of a drive system. By working in a team we encourage each other and face new challenges together. During a three months stay, for example in China, Brasil or America I will get new insights into other Dürr locations and have the possibility to establish new contacts around the world. I always feel satisfied at my working place and my instructors offer me a lot of professional support. Career at Dürr: since 2015 dual study, Mechanical Engineering Dürr Systems AG, Germany
The internal training courses make a valuable contribution in achieving know-how in the company and in passing this on. These courses are helpful in integrating new employees. Furthermore, colleagues who have been employed by Dürr for a long time can pass on their experiences and it is also guaranteed that all employees are working according to the same standards. Contact often lasts beyond the training course so that useful internal networks develop. Everyone benefits from these networks in their day-to-day work. I really enjoy getting together with people who work in other Business Units. It is through this that I get suggestions, which question processes and implement optimisations in my day-to-day work.

Degree in Process Technology from the University of Stuttgart

Career at Dürr:
1993 Thesis on heat wheels
1995 Development engineer in the Engineering Division
2000 SAP key user in the Engineering Division
Since 2008 Dürr trainer qualification

Dürr Systems AG, Germany
In most projects, project managers at Dürr work with at least one other nationality. This makes the project work incredibly exciting but also very challenging. It is only when people deal with each other respectfully that successful collaboration is possible. There are lots of risks in Asian projects in particular, because there are huge cultural differences. This makes the cultural training provided by Dürr all the more helpful. These training courses create a knowledge basis which helps people to see things from the perspective of another culture and thus to avoid unnecessary mistakes. However, even for projects within Europe the cultural differences should not be underestimated. Even though countries are much closer geographically there are sometimes huge cultural differences. But all projects are possible as long as there is openness and respect.

Something that was particularly interesting for me personally was a big paint shop project for a Korean customer in Russia, because I learnt a lot about Korean values and attitudes. Then there was Russian culture and working practices, which had to be understood to advance the project. This really helped me to better evaluate my own culture and to be able to use the differences to the advantage of the project.

Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Karlsruhe

Career at Dürr:
2007 Project Management Trainee
2008 Lead Engineer
Since 2011 Project Manager

Dürr Systems AG, Germany

All the stages during the program were a valuable experience for me, because with each stage you could broaden your own network and gain an understanding for the different products, processes and approaches. In technical project management, for example, it is important to understand the interests of the different areas, solve technical problems together, define interfaces and, ultimately, construct a functioning plant in a team for our customers. Internationality is an inevitable part of Dürr. This is demonstrated by our global customers, our many international locations and the close connections with our colleagues from all over the world. A temporary placement of several months abroad was a fixed part of my trainee program.  Here at Dürr you learn very early to assume responsibility. "Shadowing" at Dürr develops into your own area of responsibility, quicker than you would sometimes realize. However, colleagues are always on hand to provide support. Education:
Bachelor in Mechanical and Process Engineering (Technical University Darmstadt), Master in Mechanical and Process Engineering  (Technical University Darmstadt) Career at Dürr:
2013 - 2014 Dürr Graduate Program
since 2015 Project Manager Mechanical Systems Division PFS/Project Management Dürr Systems AG, Germany
I'm being really well trained at Dürr. I learn something new every day, the learning is fun and there are opportunities to go abroad, for example to Bratislava for 1 week to get to know the employees and the branch there. I particularly like the fact that everyone gets on really well and that, because of the good transport connections, I can reach Dürr without any problems. I think there are many opportunities for me to develop further in the company.

Career at Dürr:
2011 Apprenticeship in Mechatronics

Dürr Systems AG, Deutschland
Over my career since I graduated I have become acquainted with companies of all sizes, from a small company with 50 employees to a major corporation with 150,000 employees. I have now been with Dürr for 17 years and have not regretted a single day. Working in this high-tech company with an international orientation and a portfolio of very different products is simply good fun. Every day there are new technical and organisational challenges to be faced, tasks to be completed, many different cultures with which I must communicate and, above all, there is not much bureaucracy. This is a working environment that not many employers are able to offer.

Degree in Electronics from the Heilbronn Technical University of Applied Sciences

Career at Dürr:
1994 Development Engineer in Control Engineering, Application Engineering
1998 Team leader of the Robot Control team
2003 Head of the Software Engineering/Start-up Control Engineering Department
Since 2007 Head of the Control Engineering Division Dürr Systems AG, Germany
My career path here at Dürr has been an interesting one to say the least. I moved from Milan to Stuttgart in 2001 and began working at Dürr as a buyer's assistant and two short years later began working in Montgomery, Alabama in the US on a customer project. It was on this project that I was given my first opportunity to work with a truely international team of Dürr group members: Italians, Germans, Brazilians, Koreans, Americans, Mexicans. I learned a lot as a buyer, growing both professionally and personally. On this particular project I made close friendships with people from all over the world and even met my future wife with whom I now have a daughter. Two years later, I was back in Stuttgart as a Senior Buyer and very confident of my newly acquired purchasing capabilities. Not only had living and working in another country been a cultural experience, it had given me the opportunity to work with an international group of people who had taught me many new purchasing strategies and skills. My wife and I eventually travelled to India on behalf of the Dürr group before returning to Milan where I am now the CFO of Olpidürr, the Italian subsidiary of the Dürr group. I can honestly say that travelling for work with the Dürr group has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life, allowing me the opportunity to grow both as a person and as a professional. I will never forget how Dürr has changed my life and strongly encourage anyone considering a career with Dürr group to travel abroad if ever given the opportunity.  Education:
MBA at SDA Bocconi School of Management and a Law Degree at the University Milan

Career at Dürr:
2001 – 2002 Buyer's Assistant, International Purchasing Department in Germany
2002 – 2004 Sole Project Buyer, Dürr Systems Inc. in USA
2004 – 2005 Senior Buyer, Central International Purchasing in Germany
2006 – 2009 Purchasing and Global Sourcing Manager at Olpidürr S.p.A. in Italy
2009 – 2012 CFO and Global Sourcing Manager at Olpidürr S.p.A. in Italy
Olpidürr S.p.A., Italy
My career at Dürr began whilst I was still studying when I did an internship. I wrote my final Bachelor thesis in the same department. After the internship, the start of my career was really not at all complicated because Dürr offered me a position as a product manager before I had even finished my thesis. There was no time-consuming and stressful familiarisation phase for me because I had already gotten to know all the employees and processes in our Business Unit. This was also noticeable in my private life because I come home from work happy and settled.

Degree in Process and Environmental Technology from the University of Applied Sciences Heilbronn

Career at Dürr:
2010 Internship in the Environmental and Energy Systems (EES) Division
2010 Bachelor thesis in the EES Division
2011 Product Manager in the EES Division
Since 2012 Start-up Engineer/Construction Manager in the EES Division

Dürr Systems AG, Germany

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Our range of services and products are as varied as the people who make up our company. Engineers and commercial experts, arts and science graduates, doers and thinkers, practical and organisational experts - innovation requires openness which is why we are pleased that know-how at Dürr comes from all directions, from every continent and from all branches of knowledge. Make your own picture and learn more.