Striving for excellence in safety together

This is how we inform and train our employees:

  • Safety briefings for all new employees (including measures in the case of an accident, evacuation procedures, contacts for safety issues)
  • Regular briefings for all employees and groups of people requiring special protection (e.g. minors, pregnant women, employees coming into contact with chemicals)
  • Briefings for Dürr's own employees and subcontractor staff at every Dürr site
  • Organizational guideline on health and safety matters is available to all employees via the intranet
  • Regular information provided by the employee magazine (since 2017)
  • Presentations and events at Dürr locations

This is how we ensure compliance with the rules:

  • Every Group company has a local health and safety manager who reports directly to the management and who regularly monitors the premises and sites in his area of responsibility.
  • The corporate health and safety managers conduct random checks around the world.
  • A global cross-functional team coordinates the local health and safely managers, reports to the Board of Management and the management, and ensures that effective systems are in place to avoid accidents.
  • Every Group company checks its health and safety processes at least every twelve months during a corporate audit.
  • All health and safety managers share their experience on a regular basis.
  • Every site is assigned a project safety manager, who is on site every day.

What happens if an accident has nevertheless occurred:

  • All accidents and (since 2017) near-accidents (incidents without injury) must be immediately reported to the health and safety manager responsible for the site or the location
  • Immediate action must be taken if necessary
  • Information on the incident must be provided to all health and safety managers worldwide and to the CEOs of the Group companies
  • The cause of the accident must be analyzed and findings communicated worldwide and at all Group levels

Corporate principles for health and safety at work

"'STRIVING FOR EXCELLENCE IN SAFETY " is the title of our corporate strategy for this area. The principles and processes of this strategy are explained in a handbook available to all employees.

Excerpts from the „health and safety“ manual