Good reasons to be invested in Dürr

World Market Leader:
Dürr is world market leader in about 95% of its product portfolio. Market entry barriers are high. Market shares range between 30 and 60%.

Service Potential:
The installed base increased through market share gains and is the starting point for a growing and profitable service business. In addition, we are pushing the service business with the group Initiative CustomerExcellence@Dürr ahead.

Market Positioning:
Very good geographic positioning: About 40-50% of the business volume comes from emerging markets. Round 30% of the employees operate in these markets. No competitor has such a market standing in these growing regions. 

Organic growth is expected in the next few years of around 3% p.a.. In addition, further acquisitions are expected to contribute to the expansion after the acquisition of the HOMAG Group AG in 2014.

Technology Leader:
Dürr addresses the necessary reduction of costs per unit with its technologies - be it by lower energy and material consumption or by enhanced environmental compatibility. 

Industry 4.0 / Smart Factory:
Dürr wants to become a leader in digitization and networking of production, using intelligent products and services. Our MES software suite controls and analyzes the production process in industry.

Value Creation:
From 2011 forward, ROCE again exceed the cost of capital significantly - thus Dürr continuously creates value. Return on capital employed was 41.1% in 2016, the cost of capital 7.2%.

Continuous improvement of earnings since 2010; 6th consecutive record year with steady increase of dividend.