Value management

The most important performance indicators at Dürr are incoming orders, sales, EBIT and ROCE. Cash flow from operating activities and free cash flow also play a key part, especially at Group level. Economic Value Added (EVA) reflects the economic value that Dürr generates in a financial year.

Key figuresFY 2017FY 2016FY 2015FY 2014FY 2013FY 2012FY 2011FY 2010
Incoming orders€ m3,888.73,701.73,467.52,793.02,387.12,596.82,684.91,642.2
Sales revenues€ m3,713.23,573.53,767.12,574.92,406.92,399.81,922.01,261.4
EBIT€ m287.0271.4267.8220.9203.0176.9106.536.6
Cash flow from operating activities€ m119.8227.4173.0291.3329.1117.6127.955.4
Free cash flow€ m14.3129.962.8221.1261.965.991.822.9
ROCE (EBIT/Capital employed)%39.441.145.338.776.247.430.410.8
EVA€ m143.9142.5146.2121.6124.399.347.7-1.9


Non-financial performance indicators are also tracked on a regular basis and help us with the management and long-term strategic orientation of the company. Examples of these include key figures on employee and customer satisfaction, further training, ecology/sustainability and R&D/innovation.